Hard-sided luggage or soft luggage?

Are you Hard or Soft?

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There are usually 2 types of suitcases – hard and soft.

Hard provides a hard exterior that is usually rigid rather than flexible. Whilst soft luggage is made of fabric and has a more flexible exterior.

Historically hard sided cases were considered more durable than soft-sided cases. However testing has proven that this is not necessarily the case.

Ultimately it depends on your individual needs, below is a quick list of some pro’s and con’s per style.

Hard-sided luggage or soft luggage?

Hard luggage or soft luggage?

Hard-sided Luggage


  • Offers greater protection to fragile items
  • Tends to be more water resistant
  • Increased number of lightweight options
  • Colours and shine finish considered to be more fashion led.


  • Shiny finish may scratch more easily
  • Expandable option not available on most designs
  • Rigid cases make some less flexible for storage purposes
  • On the whole still more expensive than soft-sided options

Soft-sided Luggage

50five_fullset Pro’s

  • Generally lighter than hard-sided alternatives
  • Most ranges now have an expanding option giving additional capacity
  • Often better value than hard-sided alternatives.
  • Easier to store due to soft sided nature


  • Fabric can be less water resistant than hard sided alternatives.
  • Fragile items may have less protection
  • Has perception of being less stylish and fashionable.

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