Psychology of Colour – Phantom Pantone

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Mysterious and secretive, black “offers emotional safety and security by cloaking the personality”, according to Karen. “It does this by creating a protective barrier”, she adds, which absorbs negative energy. In its role of absorbing sunlight, it also shields the harsh winter elements and thus provides both physical and psychological warmth. See Phantom Pantone for colour.

Independent, disciplined and seductive, black radiates elegance and solidifies its dominant role by absorbing every other colour in the spectrum.

“Black is associated with power, elegancy, magic, mystery and night”, says psychologist and psychotherapist Francesca Moresi. “Black is quite a fashionable colour, nowadays. In fact, it’s very much appreciated for its property of helping people appearing thinner and more slender; it is also worn because it simply appeals as it hides people behind an air of mystery and is a timeless colour.”

We can, therefore, “either hide in black or stand out in black”, Colour Consultant and author of Colour Psychology Today, June McLeod, says

It also signifies new beginnings, emphasised by its representation in ancient Egypt of life and rebirth.

The strongest and most powerful colour, black exudes authority, but too much can be intimidating, so invest in a statement bag in this colour to show you both work – and play – hard!

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