Autumn colour and contemplation – The Water Garden at Cliveden – Redland + Pantone = Colour for luggage

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A trip to The Water Garden at Cliveden on a perfect t-shirt weather Saturday afternoon in October was exactly what I needed to stretch my senses and allow quiet contemplation. Pantone + Redland London – colour conscious luggage by Eli Zekaria

Brimming with magnificent copper tan shades of orange, otter browns and sharp streaks of yellow, the lake is surrounded by sweet smelling vivid plants, golden olive trees, grass and rocks. Reflecting against the lake and ornate fountains – the whole scene makes a perfect place for a restful retreat as the children get lost in the giant Cliveden Maze!

The beautifully restored Chinese six-sided pagoda seemingly floats near the center of the water and painted in a deep green with intricate regal golden patterns evokes an oriental garden with a stunning focal point.

Colour is key for Redland London and Pantone’s collaboration to make exciting luggage and bags. Each Redland + Pantone trolley has been inspired by the world renowned colour matching system where every colour has its own unique reference number.

Pantone and Color Palette for London
“Led by a vivid Flame Scarlet, the color palette for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 is comprised of strong classics colors complemented by a few unpredictable shades for the autumn and winter seasons,” noted Eiseman. “Unexpected combinations such as Royal Lilac and Otter Brown or Lemon Curry with Bluebell are eye-arresting and create an unusual color dichotomy.”

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