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We asked Lukasz at spiderweb to review our backpack, to give us his honest opinion based on his experience of reviewing other backpacks.


Translated from Polish

Suppose you are looking for a backpack for everyday use. It has to be inexpensive, stylish, comfortable, roomy, waterproof, and it would be good if it also offered something “extra”. You browse shopping offers and you already know that you can not have everything at once. Could it be?

More than once I found out about it personally. Finding a backpack that would meet the above criteria is usually impossible. As long as the “stylish, comfortable, roomy, waterproof” side is standing “cheap”, it is difficult to make a sensible proposal – such backpacks usually cost a lot.

It is different in the case of the Redland Jonah backpack, which unexpectedly came to me for tests. The representative of the company wrote to me on Facebook, he described the campaign on Indiegogo where they collect for a new product and asked if I would like to test it. I thought “what harms me?” And took my backpack for tests to see how much truth lies in the creator’s statements.

And it turned out that a stylish, comfortable, roomy, waterproof, offering something “extra” backpack does not have to cost a fortune.

Redland Jonah is stylish and comfortable.
My pictures do not do it well, but live Redland Jonah is really stylish. There are not many backpacks in this price range that look so good. The backpack has a distinctive style that can be called “stealth” from English – it does not strike the eye and at the same time fits everything.

It is also very comfortable. Ideally adheres to the back, has a fairly narrow profile and you can walk in it all day without fatigue. I have only one “but” – the shoulders of the backpack are too padded so they are not as comfortable as they could be. If we pack Jonah with more weight, it can stop being comfortable.

What will fit into Redland Jonah’s backpack?
Lots of things! I was surprised myself how much can be packed into such a small backpack. The main pocket, although narrow, offers as many as three independent compartments (omitting the main compartment) for tablets, textbooks, e-book readers, etc. and a few small compartments for accessories.

The set also includes a small container that can be used to store cables or as a cosmetic for hand luggage – a very useful and unprecedented addition in this class.

Secure laptop pocket for 15’6″ latop and Ipad.

There are two more chambers in the back – one smaller for documents or small electronics and a large, padded partition for a 15.6 “laptop. The locks for the laptop compartment are hidden behind the material of the backpack, which must be unwrapped to get to the computer. So there is no risk that someone will misjudge the laptop from your back.

On the sides we have two small pockets; one of them hides “something extra” (about which in a moment), while in the second one we find a stretchy key hook – we can hide the keys in it and open the door without removing the key ring.

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of a dedicated pocket for a bottle of water – a 300-ml S’Well bottle fit into a small side pocket. There is no question of putting a half-liter bottle of water.

RFID Blocker

One more, again – very roomy – a pocket for documents awaits from the front. He has a surprise; it blocks radio waves, which prevents potential wireless reading of data from your payment card. Lets be honest its unlikely, but im always insured right?

Waterproof Fabric

The whole is made of durable, leather-like material, which is not only very pleasant to the touch, but also completely waterproof. That’s what the creators claim; I could test the waterproofness during moderate rainfall and neither a drop leaked inside.

The disadvantage of this material is that it easily collects dust and dirt. But it’s also very easy to clean it.

10,000 Battery bank included

And what about “something extra?”
Exactly. I’m not writing about Redland Jonah just because it’s a nice, functional backpack. I am also writing about it because, together with a backpack, we get a 10,000 mAh powerbank that supports fast charging of Quick Charge 3.0.

In the main compartment there is a dedicated powerbank compartment, and the USB cable integrated in the backpack comes out in one of the side pockets where we can connect our smartphone.

The powerbank itself makes the backpack turn out to be ridiculously cheap. Redland Jonah with free shipping to Poland costs suddenly 79 dollars, or about 270 PLN. Same powerbank with similar parameters (10 thousand mAh, QC 3.0) would cost us 100-130 PLN.

Where can you buy this?

Developers – Redland London – are currently collecting funds in the Indiegogo campaign . They need 10,000 to start production dollars and they already managed to collect half of this amount, although there was still a month left until the end of the campaign.


Buying a backpack now we save 45 percent. amount – when Jonah goes to regular sale, its price will increase to 149 dollars. After selling out the backpacks from the first fret you will still be able

15 year guarantee

to buy Jonaha on Indiegogo at a reasonable price of $ 99. We get a 15-year warranty on the backpack.

For women, the company also has an alternative – a Noa shoulder bag with properties very similar to Jonah, although I must admit that it does not look as stylish as a backpack.

I do not often recommend products that are yet to be made. We all know the stories of promising products that have never been created and their creators disappear with collected cash.

14 year pedigree in making bags

Here, however, there is no similarly black scenario. Redland is a company with a 14-year-old pedigree, not a newly-created startup focused on collecting funds instead of customer service. If the creators collect the required amount, the backpack will be created and will go to the buyers.

Redland Jonah is a very interesting proposition. A well thought out, stylish backpack, with a powerbank that is half the

value of the entire offer. It is also a rather … unique product. This is not a backpack that will be taken off the shelf in any store. When buying Redland Jonah, we are almost certain that we will never meet someone with an identical backpack on the back.


A link to our current campaign


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