About Redland London

Redland is a style conscious London label who make extraordinary travel products. We take it very seriously. It’s not an after thought or a 
 brand extension. Our dedication to making the best bag possible for the customer guides everything we do. For Redland, quality is normal.

The Story

We believe luggage is more than just some fabric and a zip. It’s arguably, the primary symbol that the journey has started. That something extraordinary is about to happen.

Born in Shoreditch, the Zekaria family wanted to create a brand that captured the anticipation and excitement of what’s to come. Products that seek to be as extraordinary as the journey they are about go on.

Inspired by our dad, our heritage and London, Redland saw a gap in the luggage market for a brand that was both inspirational and attainable. A brand that combined design and good quality, but at an honest price. We make our own collections and partner with the leading design companies to create luggage that is brimming with personality, colour and captures the cool, contemporary vibes of the city.

Our commitment to finding the perfect blend of materials and craft results in a product that adapts to the ever changing needs of modern people on the go.